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couple in love

London Love Stories 

Being completely in love... is there any better feeling ?
Capture beautiful, intimate moments between you and your loved one with our Couples Photoshoot ! I specialise in taking amazing, natural pictures of couples who are head-over-heels in love. I capture your special moments and make them last forever through timeless photos.

You will look back on these until you're both wrinkly & grey and smile ear to ear ! 

There's no awkward posing or "1-2-3 cheese" ! I simply help set the scene and then let the love flow ! These natural moments create powerful images that evoke emotion each time they are seen. Using the same techniques as a high-end fashion shoot, my editing enhances every single shot to perfection!

Charlotte & Jay 

"I cant tell you how impressed I was with all of the images we shot together of me and my partner. I have been modelling for over 12 years and I have to say Han is one of the best photographers I have ever worked with."

Johanna and James 

"There are not many photographers like Han. He is a creative individual who owns distinctive concepts and has a keen eye for unique compositions. Speedy and personable, 100% recommended!!"

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