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don't be one of these people !

Whether it's your website, brochure or LinkedIn most clients will see your profile photo long before they see you in person. Some may only ever see you as that photo. They will make judgments and business decisions based on those photos alone.   


Even though we know this, somehow most of us still use low quality, unprofessional photos to represent ourselves - smartphone selfies, old holiday photos, mugshots against one of the office walls... you know what I'm talking about !

A bad business profile picture is costing you opportunities. FACT.  In an age where most businesses and clients only meet virtually and most networking only takes place online, investing in a good headshot is absolutely essential.

look like a professional professional

A GSixtySix Professionals' Headshot will really help you to stand out from the crowd. We will guide you through the entire process of taking a perfect picture, step-by-step so your headshot will show off the very best you. You and your headshot will make a first-class first impression.

We will take care of all the technical stuff - making sure the lighting is the very best for your face, helping you get that perfect pose and retouching the final image, which you have chosen, so that it's absolutely flawless. We have years of experience in fashion photography - shooting brand campaigns and models' portfolios, so we have all the little professional tricks in our book that make all the difference !

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